Baby Room Design: A Simple Decision

Baby Room Design is needed to make your baby feels comfort. Some people like to make the baby room join to the parents room but some people are on the contrary. It is not a problem, while your baby is always cozy. The other way is to to choose the design of your baby room –the natural one or make a crowded decoration by adding any gradation color.

Baby Room Design: Natural

Baby Room Design with natural theme is a great decision to build up a comfortable feeling for your baby. Combine some natural color like white crib, a white ottoman,  a white-framed mirror, and some white furniture like a cupboard and a curtain. Blend all the white stuff with pale brown for the carpet, a big teddy bear, and some plait basket.

Baby Room Design: Crowded Decoration

For the other options, make a combination color which show a gradation like young green and the old green. Draw a big tree on the wall. It is not need to be detail, but just make it as a silhouette. Then, draw a long branch and hang some photographs under the athwart branch. Put a black crib with some ribbons as a center, a polka dot blanket, and some floral decoration that match with the painting wall. You may use a table lamp with a lacy shade. Put a carpet with a soil color to make it more special.
Crib is a special furniture for your baby. Its color will determinate the theme of your room whether it is natural color or a soft color. For your baby, you able to choose the crib with high fence, or maybe you can also choose a nice mini bed room as yours. Be sure that your baby will save from falling down or  tumbling. The Baby Room Design will be great decision by both ideas.

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