Boy Bedroom Decor: Make a Unbelievable Design

Boy Bedroom Decor is available by a great design idea like loft bed and pinky design. You can choose one of the both options that you can applied it to your room. Usually, boy’s room is casual than girls room. But, it is not a bad idea when you are brave to break that thought.

Boy Bedroom Decor: Loft Bed

Boy Bedroom Decor which the bed above the desk is very interesting model. Imagine that you sleep on top and study under your bed. The prop is used as a book shelf and the other side is for the desk. You can placed the desk with a fan, some books, and a table lamp. The carpet on the floor match with the bed on top it. It will looked great if the bed is made from hard wood with a real pattern. It is a must to placed some boys stuff like a photograph, unique creation or any favorite toys.

Boy Bedroom Decor: Pinky Boy

It can not be disown that boy’s room is casual than girl’s room. Boy’s room far away from cheerful and feminine color. But it is not a bad idea when you decor the room design with pink color. The wall used a dark pink with an apple green line pattern. The bed is silver with navy blue blanket which compatible with its pillow. Then, the carpet is also soft pink with a custom pattern or a plain carpet with a dark color. Use a silver ceiling lamp that make an elegant sensation for your room. It is possible if you want to take your pet in your room as an aquarium.
Sometimes, the boy likes to sketch the wall. To alternative it, you are be able to make a blackboard as the wall of your room. The Boy Bedroom Decor will make a marvelous design.

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