Boy Bedroom Design: Mixing Color for Unique Design

Boy Bedroom Design try to make a unique design of boy bedroom. Mix some of boy’s color like red, blue denim, woody, tan, or peacock green. Take the hobby or the ambition inside the room like an airy force, anime, or adventure. Here are some design that can be considered to boy bedroom.

Boy Bedroom Design: Three Layer

Boy Bedroom Design for boy room needs an unique design and a mixing color. Divide the room by three layers from bottom, middle, and up. Arrange two beds in front of the door, then one bed in the right side. Take a woody ladder in the right side for climbing to a nook loft. The function of the loft is a hide private reading. It will be a really funny room. Other, try to make a rustic cabin nuance to this layering room by adding a circle window, woody bed and a little desk. Do not forget to stick a big poster of a pirate. The mixing color that used is woody, red bed, and some black furniture.

Boy Bedroom Design: The Modern One

If you do not like a rustic nuance, then try a modern one. Do not afraid to mix any colors because boy has their own color like denim blue, khaki, red, or tan. Make a strip color for the wall by denim blue and tan to make a fresh sensation first. Then, choose a big bed with a pale orange. Choose any furniture that match for this theme like a square low desk which has two functions as a storage too.
Take some accessories like a little dinosaurs statue, some toys like vehicles. Be sure that they also have a little space to appreciate their creativity like a painting gallery. But, the great design is seemed from the combination color you blend. The Boy Bedroom Design will looked marvelous.

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