Contemporary Urban with Rural Balconies and Breezes FP Home in Brazil

The fluctuation of the front volume shows the intimate facet in the residence in the future pointing towards the water’s edge, cover the open area in the rear, exactly where the parties to burn the wooden oven, is close to the floor and memories eternally. Considers the building’s recent background, but also expresses his thoughts modern urban balconies with rural and breeze. The dialogues land slope using the building and provides accessories and suspensions. The Pampulha lagoon in Belo Horizonte is full of architectural significance and to build on its margins signifies to be close to the modernist legacy. In a sequence of steps and floors the house matches the site producing a route from the street to the roof, turned into observatory transforming the tops in terraces seeking the horizons observed in the topographic city with it is struggles and mutant tradition and its mountains with their fragile eternity.

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