New Interior Design: Well-ordered and Mosaic-accented

New Interior Design just try another style to the room, change it to the modern one so you’ll not get bored of the last trend interior design. The latest design is identical to the design that had not ever existed before or it contains elements that has not been widely applied. This little article is expected to provide new inspiration for design lovers.

New Interior Design: Pop Art Ceramic Tiles

New Interior Design with the pop art style, it could be a good choice. In the few parts of the plain wall, given by the ceramic on the walls that accentuate the colors of the pop art portrait form. These colors will certainly bringa cheerful atmosphere in the wall. Pop art is very good when displayed in the living room, or allowing also if desired in private places such as bathroom or bedroom. The size of pop art can vary, just as the desire, but it has the regularity shape from top to bottom with the same color in a single column. Th eprinciple is similar to the installation of tiles on the wall, but displayed very different styles of pop art when using these tiles.

New Interior Design: Mosaic-accented

The mosaic-accent is actually nothing new in the world of design. But the material used, if modified a bit, of course it will provide a unique innovation. For example, the mosaic-accent shown and consist of two colors. The first color is pale blue with no motif, but the other is brown with log-motif. The accent-mosaic would be wonderful if the result of painting because it has a higher artistic value. The motifs can be used for indoor glass replacement, glass table, or just as an extra accessory. Of course the existence is very interesting to see.
If not using the ceramic material, it can be selected as a shiny stone and an arise so as to keep giving the impression of elegance to the room. New Interior Design will look amazing.

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