Pink Room Ideas: Between the Gold and Others

Pink Room Ideas usually people think that pink room is always chosen by teenage girl only. Pink is identical with feminine, romantic, and warm. But, we should break that through. Just try to apply the pink room inside you home to build a romantic sensation. It’s not only about the bedroom, you also can make it in living room, the bathroom or dining room. But, everything you need, the pink should taken with the right color.

Pink Room Ideas: Mix it with Gold

Pink Room Ideas will looked very elegant if you believe it and mix it with golden color. You can place a golden carpet while you choose a pinky pastel for your wall. Or the other accessory like pillow, sofa, or  the ceiling lamp. Choose the golden one and you can feel it. But if you wanna try a little, just make ‘the pink’ for your wall book shelf, a curtain, or some little stuff to your decoration room. But it is recommended if you use a pink wallpaper because the strength will be felt.

Pink Room Ideas: Mix with other Color

It is enable if you want to mix pink with other color. You can mix it with darker color like the woody black floor. There are many various of pink which some of them called as magenta or peach. Use a dark color to combine with the pink side so they are will looked brightly.
Actually it is not a bad idea if you combine pink with dark or soft color. They will blend nice if you placed in the right place. You can use a white bedroom to appear the romantic and adorable, or you can use a black bedroom to make it elegant. Fill your bedroom with some pink fabrics on it instead the blanket or the cover bed. The  Pink Room Ideas is depend on your wish to appear the feeling.

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