Stylish Pup Tent Indoor Dog Lounge Made of Plywood

It’s so interesting! That was the ınitial thing came into my mind. It’s nice furniture for my dog and I hope you agree with me. The Pup Tent ıs really a modern indoor dog lounge made and fabricated by Slade Architecture for the Design Trust for Public Spaces Annual Auction. Thanks of materials, laminated water-jet cut plywood and an unusual lounges conical shape that produce a cozy place for dog.

The Pup Tent has a ıncredibly stylish layout, the exterior surface was sanded and finished smooth and the interior maintains the stepping configuration characteristic ın the plywood lamina. And then a surface pattern is developed as the planar plies of the wood intersect with the conical geometry from the surface. Besides, the layout of Pup Tent is sustainable too as the configuration promotes the stack effect and also the skylight and window give natural light.

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