Wall Living Room with Artistic Design

Wall Living Room is the big part on the home. It should be a marvelous design if you wanna make the wall to be a focal point. There are many ideas to make your wall living room amazing, by using a photograph, an artistic painting, or some oldish stuff like from your home.

Wall Living Room: Family Tree

Wall Living Room usually fulfill with any pictures of view or some photographs on the wall. But, why don’t think to make a big family tree on the wall? But do not forget to set the photo from grand-father or grand-mother until grand-child, or it is enough to make a family tree from your little family from dad, mom, and your children. Use a personal photograph from each other and take some family photos beneath the family tree. Do not forget to use some nature decoration like leaves or fruits to make a great combination.

Wall Living Room: Artistic Painting

If you boring of the photograph on your wall, you can decor the living room by a mural painting or hang some another stuff. For example, you can use some rolling letters from magazine to make a decoration. The other alternative is by randomness the color of some plastic plates –or bowl to make a shape in the wall. Hang on and see the beautiful color combination. Or, it also be used some souvenir stuff like beach corals and beach shells.
The design of the wall  should be blend with the theme of your room. The family tree concept will be nice if you blend it with a nature style. Any shapes of photographs can use in every situation like traditional, elegant, or formal. Whether the souvenir beach like coral or shells can be placed in a navy blue style with a blue in dominant color. So, Wall Living Room will look unusual but marvelous.

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