The Torres home with beautiful outdoor lighting

Modern Torres house with gorgeous outdoor lighting design by GLR Arquitectos. Lighting makes a massive difference in how you feel about your home. Lighting helps you perform duties far more easily, and helps make you feel safer and far more comfortable. Exterior lighting will need to not just improve the splendor of the home, but ought to also add safety and safety. Exterior lighting can make a dramatic 1st impression.

Description: Set high in the Sierra Madre mountain vary, the Torres House seeks to establish an intimate contact with the normal atmosphere by which it is situated. Discreetly open in direction of the road, the house is accessed by crossing in excess of a fountain from which a huge oak tree emerges, remarkable both for its size and its attractiveness. As soon as on the porch, a grand mural-like door -constructed of marble, wood and steel- welcomes the visitor.

Inside, the entry hall merges into an region of contrasting supplies consisting of Santo Tomas marble and volcanic stone walls. From this region there's a visual continuity with the relaxation with the house and using the garden that was left in its normal state as a tiny oak forest…

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